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I first met Hazel in 2006. I had been trying to conceive for two years and I was told Hazel may be able to help me. From the first time I received healing from Hazel, I began to realize that I could feel energy, and later I began to see it. I also became aware that I was sensitive to picking up on other peoples emotions.

Hazel taught me to be aware of this and how to protect myself.  As I was receiving healing from Hazel, I also had a fairly non intrusive fertility treatment, and I conceived straight away. We were delighted.  Unfortunately, we lost our baby when she was a day old. We were devastated. We spent the next two years trying alternative and medical treatments to help us conceive, all with no pregnancy.

In desperation, I rang Hazel, to see if she could help.  After a very short spell of seeing Hazel again, we conceived naturally. It feels like a miracle. Also every other aspect of my life has improved, as, with Hazels help I have addressed past issues and took back control of my life. 

I will be forever grateful to her. She truly has a gift.
Mel 2010.


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