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Over the course of my long and varied career in nursing and midwifery, I have been privileged, as a midwife to have assisted numerous newborn babies during their journey into the world and as a nurse, to have nursed many people of all ages, both in hospital and in their homes as a Public Health Nurse, as they neared the end of this life and as they departed this world.

Although my work allowed me to experience many wonderful and unexplained events where one felt touched by something not explained or acknowledged within our traditional religious beliefs, or that which could not be attributed to modern medicine alone, it was not until I experienced death on a personal level that I began the long search to understand the bigger picture of life and death and all that lies between, including the emotional causes of illness such as cancer, the meaning of death, and the often unacknowledged and “whispered about” ability of those with healing gifts. The passing of my beloved father and all the associated pain and heartbreak, including my yearning to understand this “natural yet painful event” eventually awakened an interest in me to understand how each primary human emotion is correlated to a specific physical region of the body, and how our failure to address some of these emotions eventually causes illness. As a health care professional, I would feel unfulfilled and cheated if I were to only accept that which could be scientifically “proved” and would have no interest continuing in a career, if I failed to link emotional health with physical or continued to treat symptoms without considering their causes.

Following a prolonged period of grieving, exhaustion and associated stress, arising from an unrealistic hectic schedule, I sustained emotional burnout and also slipped a disc in my lower back. Despite meeting a wonderful physiotherapist and availing of her services, I had a strong intuitive feeling that the cause of my back problems could not be resolved by physiotherapy.

I had come across the work of Hazel Devine and was interested in her approach to healing. I was immediately impressed on meeting her. I was struck by her professional ethical and warm approach, but most particularly by her psychic healing ability, which included her ability to “see” ones past and present and how various events, experiences and emotions had contributed to ones mental, emotional, spiritual and physical well being. One session with Hazel resulted in a permanent and substantial relief of pain in my back, (circa 90%). I have at this point availed of 4 appointments with Hazel, and continue to benefit from her ability. I am in awe of the heat that emanates from Hazels hands as she heals, and at her accurate diagnosis, (which comes without physical examination) of conditions previously medically diagnosed and of her accurate descriptions of other symptoms, which I had chosen to ignore.

I have full faith in Hazel, as her ability to match ones past life experience with ones current state of health makes perfect sense. Hazel has also been of invaluable assistance in diagnosing a treatable issue with regard to my young daughter, describing the symptoms in detail without ever meeting my daughter in person. I would highly recommend Hazel. I am confident of her ability, her extraordinary gift and am blessed to have found someone who marries the workings of the human body with a spiritual and healing approach to both diagnosis and healing.


Mary – December 09


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