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Here is what has been going on with me since I first met Hazel Devine.

The day I first met Hazel was at a holistic exhibition about 4 years ago. A close friend had just died recently at the time, and my mum and I decided to open ourselves up to this kind of thing.

Hazel really grabbed my attention. I didn't know what it was at the time that was pulling me towards her, but there sure was something. So my mum and I decided to go over to her to see what she was all about. She started explaining to us about the energy and that we all have unique energies about ourselves. For a child at the time, I found it very easy to understand, and I now realize that I already knew about it, but had just not expressed it fully.

My mum had said that my friend recently died, and Hazel said that she saw her around me. I was so happy and emotional that she was with me, and I felt I had really connected with her.

I have now become a whole different person. I used to be affected easily by other peoples energies, but she taught me how to stop that from happening, and this has made me feel a whole lot better. There are just so many things that have been very valuable in my life from Hazel, that I can't even mention them all...we'd be here all day!

So now that I have the chance I'd like to thank Hazel for all she has done for me in the past couple of years, and from the very first time I met her, my life had changed completely.

Love and light,

Jessie – Age 14 – November ’09


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