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One of my most difficult tasks is to put my experience with Hazel Devine into words. I heard about her through a Client who told me how she was healed by Hazel. I met with Hazel Devine towards the end of 2007. At the time I couldn’t quite put a finger on what was wrong with me and was trying to get balance in my life in terms of my work life and personal life. I was amazed at how she could tell me things about myself that no one else could, name suppressed emotions that I was carrying and identify where I was at with my own self confidence. Looking back on that first meeting with Hazel Devine I can now say that was the beginning of a journey of opening up to the world and experience of energy through her healing energy.

As a result of one to one sessions with Hazel and group workshops I have had an amazing journey which has benefited me both personally and professionally. Opening up to the world and experience of energy has enabled me to let go of suppressed emotions, overcome my fears and limiting beliefs. My inner strength is heightened and I have become stronger emotionally, energetically and physically. On a professional level through her work with me I can say with confidence that I have been provided with the tools to be a more effective practitioner. My awareness has sharpened to the needs of my clients and myself.  I have recommended Hazels work to many friends.

Geraldine – November ‘09


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