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My first encounter with Hazel was a brief introduction to universal energy. She highlighted that I needed to be aware of the affects that other people's energy had on my day-to-day survival in my work environment. My work entails teaching and dealing with discipline issues of 15-20 year olds, that are not understood in the normal school setting.

Before I went to Hazel, I had constant headaches and digestion problems, including heartburn, creating great discomfort for me during my working day. I was exhausted after my days work and found it hard to give my family my full support. I suppose you could say I was a keep-fit fanatic attending the gym, walking and running hoping that this would improve my health.

Hazel told me about "Control, Trust, Faith and Belief" and suggested that I should read a book called “The Four Agreements ". She said this book would help me to understand how people can take your control, reducing your energy, allowing you to take on illnesses.

In the past six months my life has turned around, my health is excellent, I have great energy for my family following my day's work and my working days are no longer stressful.

I know I have put in a lot of work to get to this stage of the journey, but my experience of universal energy with Hazel's guidance is an enjoyable one.

Sean – November ‘09


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