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“Hazel is a leading light and a wise spiritual teacher.  She has the natural ability to counsel people, encourage and help them to awaken their spiritual gifts.”

Growing up I was a very sensitive child with very deep feelings.  I always hated being so sensitive and wished I could take difficult situations in my stride like other people I knew.  When people told me their problems I always felt sorry for them and I would end up physically sick.

Little over a year ago I was completely stressed out, I had a habit of taking on everyone’s responsibilities, revolving my life and my family’s life around my work.  I was constantly suffering with my stomach, sometimes chest pains, finding it hard to breath and constantly tired.  For the two years previous I tried more relaxing therapies and tried more medication from the doctor to help my stomach.  Growing weary of the constant struggle I prayed to my Angels to help find my path and asked how I could have a healthy balance in my life.

In January 2008 through my work I met Hazel.  This meeting was fate and by the end of our meeting I walked away with great clarity knowing that someone understood me. I was very excited about the Universal Energy Therapy Hazel was teaching.  However, little did I realise that the meetings that followed would begin my journey of self-discovery.

With Hazels constant support, compassion, patience and great teachings; I have learned more about myself, my family and the people in my life.  For the first time in my life I can turn around and look at my life and say ‘yes my life is great, I have finally found my true self and I like it’.

The journey is not without its challenges but the astounding results outshine any challenges I have faced.  My whole life has changed and it has touched the lives of the people around me.  I now have a greater understanding of my daughter and our relationship has strengthened.  I look into the future still learning from Hazel’s wisdom with great excitement and anticipation.  Although I am on this great journey I have full awareness that there are many lessons for me to learn but now I can face them with great confidence and faith in myself.

I have finally learned to embrace my sensitivity.  This extraordinary change in my life is due to the guidance and work of Hazel Devine.

Thank you for opening my eyes and giving me great clarity and strength..  I am forever grateful.

Sharon – November ‘09


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