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We can all remember moments in our lives when a chance encounter or event changes our perspective on life. For me that was over three years ago when I first met Hazel Devine. This meeting was followed by an appointment in which Hazel performed some energy healing work on me. It was an unforgettable experience that has had a positive and profound effect on my life since. It has led to personal growth, awareness and understanding albeit with its challenges.

Through her own experiences Hazel Devine has developed compassion and understanding which affords people an environment in which to begin their own personal and healing journey.

For my family and I, we have found an increased understanding of energy and we continue to learn and experience its benefits everyday, both in our physical and emotional lives.

I believe everyone in this life is on a journey of self discovery and with people like Hazel and her unique gift, will lead many down that road and open doors to an amazing world of learning and personal growth.

I conclude by saying that the synchronicity that has led my family and I to Hazel Devine have not been of chance but faith, of which I am truly grateful.

Trish – November ‘09


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