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Going to School

Starting school can have a strong impact on the children and the parents. Having a child come home sick from school is nothing new. They are in great form in the morning and within an hour or so you get a phone call. Not long after they are picked up, they are back to their old self again. Parents of course have no way of knowing where the problem lies and the usual assumption is that the child is acting up, looking for attention etc.

All children are sensitive, some more than others, and unlike adults they are more aware of changes that occur around them. In the home the emotions of parents have an impact on children and begin when the child is in the mother’s womb.

When a sensitive child goes into a classroom with thirty children who each have their own issues, a common result is for the child to feel sick, throw up or to have diarrhoea or headaches.  This will depend on the sensitivity of the child.

It’s normal to expect the best for our children however children should be allowed to develop at a pace which is best suited to them.  Sensitive children in particular will stand out from the crowd and it is quite normal for some of these children to prefer their own company or to be easily bullied.

So as a parent what should you do?

  • Is your child affected by events in your home, school etc?
  • Does your child have a healthy, balanced diet that is suitable for him/her?
  • Have you noticed how certain foods change your child’s behaviour?
  • Is your child always sick with colds, flu, tummy bug, chest infection, headaches?
  • Learning difficulties – dyslexia/ ADD/ ADHD/ lack of concentration and focus/anxiety/pressure for school work
  • High expectations to do well in class, homework and sport
  • Anger/peer pressure/comparisons and trying to fit in
  • Eating disorders/appearance

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