Teenagers :: 11 - 16 yrs


Teenagers Age 11 - 16 yrs

As children develop into teenagers they begin to develop their own personalities, their own opinion of what is right and what is wrong.  Parents have their own view based on past experience of their own childhood and life which they can pass onto their children.  Parents can have high expectations of their children which don’t always fit in with the child’s personality.

All teenagers have different levels of sensitivity.   Teenagers don’t always know their full identity of what they want to do in their future.  Parents will put a lot of pressure on their children to achieve.  It’s good for parents to encourage and support their children but they need to be aware of not bringing in their own expectations of what they were trying to achieve in their life.

Parents need to learn to become friends with their sons and daughters; this will build a trust and understanding of who they are as a person.  Teenagers need to learn to trust and have respect for their parents.  It is ok for both parents and teenagers to have an opinion and different views even though they may not always agree. Sometimes the teenager needs to make their own mistakes to learn the lesson.  It is important that teenagers are aware and understand that their parents want the best for them and boundaries are there to benefit both parents and teenagers.

Here is a list of areas where the energy in a teenager can get affected:

  • Thought patterns and emotions
  • Behaviour patterns/parents, family, and friends
  • School/pressure to achieve/lack of focus and concentration
  • Abuse/Addiction
  • Control, trust, belief and faith within themselves
  • Frustration/anger/mood swings/irritability
  • Body image/eating disorders /appearance/peer pressure
  • Anxiety/depression
  • Physical pain
  • Womb
  • Personalities
  • Identity

It is about accepting yourself as a person not what other people expect you to be.  This is about finding your identity.

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