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Abilities of Hazel Devine

I work with energy and I examine people’s health on a physical, emotional and mental level. When a client presents with a symptom, I go into their life to find out when they developed the symptom in the first place. My work as a healer is based on my ability to look at the body internally and see the impact of how thoughts and feelings contribute to physical ailments.

I have a great ability to examine people’s health. I see imbalances internally in the physical body and I see how emotions affect a person’s physical and mental health. I go into their thoughts and see how they have an impact on their health and well-being. I go back to any age in a person’s life and read their energy. This gives me an insight into the root cause of the symptom. I explain what is required for them to move forward in their life.

When working with a person’s energy, I see imbalances in the body. This can lead to physical, emotional or mental illness. I free the flow or imbalances in energy which contribute to changes in the physical. I encourage people to look honestly at what prevents them from moving forward.

I help people to look at themselves and personality disorders they have created as disguises.

When a person’s illness has gone too far, I may not be able to cure it. However,I direct the person to the root cause of the symptom or illness which is caused by negativity and life experiences. I believe some people need medical help and assistance and I would never interfere with that process.

I see the way life has affected the person in the past and continues to do so in the present. I heal the emotional injury and therefore over the coming days/weeks the person will feel a difference physically, emotionally and mentally.

With my abilities, through positive thinking, I give each person clarity and help them to become agents of change in their own lives.


I specialise in pregnancies. The situations that the mother experiences affect the baby she is carrying. So it is helpful that I meet the mother from 6 weeks before the birth to clear both her energy and the baby’s energy. I recommend for the mother to bring the baby to me up to six weeks after the birth, I see how they have coped with the birth trauma and if any other issues either physically or emotionally have arisen. I give the mother an understanding around her baby and their level of sensitivity. I give healing as required.

I also look at women who are trying to conceive.


Temper tantrums are normal in younger children and is part of their development. This is necessary in their progression into mature adulthood.

Some children are more sensitive than others and I explain to children how their thoughts and feelings affect them in their day to day lives. I help parents understand what is happening and I encourage them to communicate with their children based on their level of sensitivity.

The teenage years are difficult to navigate. However, when parents have listened and talked to their children over the years they build up a real and lasting bond with them. This is vital in being able to negotiate difference of opinions and values.

When a person comes to me I connect with the spirit world and the guides around each person. Let it be family or friends wanting to give a message or guidance in their lives.

I am conscious that everyone has psychic abilities and I encourage people to develop and use their intuition.

I was born with this natural gift and I was aware from a young age that I had the ability to see the physical body completely, but only started to have full insight in later years when going through my own health problems.

Through this ability my guides and angels give me information to assist people to find clarity, direction and balance in their life.

Hazel Devine

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