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"The Biggest fear is taking the risk out of looking at your life and expressing what you really feel. Only when you no longer fear it do you begin to feel"

About Hazel

My name is Hazel Devine and this is the story of my life. The purpose of my work is to allow people to draw from my experience and understanding as changes came about in my life. I grew up in the Midlands in Ireland and I am the second oldest of thirteen children, five boys and eight girls. When I was born in 1965 my family moved into a small three bedroom council house. Times were not easy back then as my parents struggled financially. I would like to take this opportunity to thank my mother who is a great source of strength to me and my siblings, past and present.

My level of sensitivity was very high as a baby and whenever I had a temperature I would take convulsions. This continued until I was 2 years old. I found it hard to settle in school because of my sensitivity as I would feel other people’s emotions such as their anger, fear etc. These emotions that I took on from other people manifested into constant ear infections, colds, flu, and I always had a sick stomach. I was aware from a very young age that I was different and always found it hard to ‘fit in’ with those around me.

At the age of 8, I was involved in a car accident which resulted in the loss of my spleen. The doctors gave me penicillin and I had a severe allergic reaction to it. The pain was so severe during the night that the doctors decided to take me down to the operating theatre to try and find out what was wrong. When they operated they discovered I had a ruptured spleen. When I woke up my father told me I was lucky to be alive.

During the operation I had a near death experience, where I was travelling in a stream of light and at the end of it I met a tall, very striking woman. The sense of peace and love around her overwhelmed me. I wanted to go with her but she told me it was not my time to go. She said “Hazel, you have work to do, it is not your time yet, you are here to help and guide people”. At the time I did not understand what I had seen. She was a guide and is still with me today. I was always aware of energy, angels and spirits around me and I now understand that they were there to give me comfort and reassurance. I could feel and see them. I would get visions and insights, my sense of feeling would heighten and I would know something was going to occur before it happened.

At the lowest point in my early 30’s I started to look at my life on a physical, mental and emotional level. As a result of losing my spleen I was on daily medication to support my immune system. This medication made me feel very unwell. I also suffered with Migraine, Panic Attacks and had difficulty with my Womb. I was experiencing difficulties in my relationship at this time and as a result I separated from my husband in my late 30’s. I opened up my abilities by practicing energy healing on myself. As the weeks went by I began to feel much better and I slowly weaned myself off all the medication. I felt great and one of my strengths is that I learnt to understand my past while staying in the present, which has allowed me to move forward in my life. I have never looked back.

My life’s journey went on for about 2 years clearing myself physically, emotionally and mentally. This is where I came into my own.

At this stage I started to explore holistic energy work and for the first time it fitted in with what I had experienced at different times in my life when I was working with my guides and the healing angels. When things were difficult they were always there to guide and comfort me. I always had the feeling that there was more out there to explore. I knew I had a natural healing ability and could see the physical health of other people. I started to work with energy and over the next few years I developed my own style through working with real universal energy. When I started working on people I got great feedback and this encouraged me to push my abilities even further.

I have a great ability to psychically examine people’s health on a physical, emotional and mental level. I can see imbalances internally in the physical body and I can see how emotions can affect a person’s physical and mental health. I can go into thoughts and see how people’s thoughts can have an impact on their physical and emotional health and well being. I can go back to any age in a person’s life and read their energy. This gives me an insight into where the root cause of the symptom is and then I can explain what is required for them to move forward in their life.

Through clearing my past I have now become a whole and complete person and it has become my life’s work to help and guide others to move forward in their lives.

I would like to pay tribute to my 3 sons who are a great strength to me on my life’s journey. Through all of this they have become my best friends.

Hazel Devine

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