Finding Balance in Your Self, Your Day and Your Life:

  • Look for balance in your day.

  • Bring up your energy.

  • Take back your Control, Trust, Belief and Faith and take the day as it presents itself. 

  • Stop your thoughts floating by pulling yourself into your time and space in the now.

  • Look at one thought at a time, one feeling, one situation, one worry

  • Feel the anxiety, or fear or uneasy feeling

    • Feel the anxiety or fear

    • Feel the uneasy feeling

    • Are you worried?

    • What stress are you feeling?

    • Where in the body do you feel it?

  • Accept what you cannot change and learn to understand it.

  • Sort out your own problems as they arise and allow the people around you to sort out theirs.

  • When you give to others ensure it is for the right reasons and that it does not interfere with their learning.  Give them back their control.  When you overreact you give away your control.

  • If you make a mistake learn to understand it and be patient with yourself and others.

  • We cannot judge other people because we do not understand what their life is about.

  • Remember you are a long time being a certain way so it will take time to change.

  • By living in your present you are in the moment.  You have great clarity, understanding and compassion.  Yesterday has gone and tomorrow is not here yet!

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