Bring Up Your Energy

bring up energy

Bringing Up Your Energy

Do this exercise first thing in the morning and as often as you need to do it during the day until you get comfortable with keeping your energy high.

  • Sit or lie on your back with feet shoulder width apart.
  • Relax your pelvis, hips, stomach, chest, shoulders, neck and head.
  • Bring up your energy. You should feel a sensation, of heat tingling or slight sensation, or a cool breeze going up through the bottom of your feet, legs, hips, stomach, chest, neck, your back and out through the top of your head. Not everyone will experience this, based on their level of feeling. Put the intention in and visualise it as white light moving up through your body as you do this exercise.
  • With your palms outstretched take back your control, trust, belief and faith in yourself. You will feel this as a light, heavy or tingling sensation in your hands.
  • Inhale slowly through your nose completely filling your lungs holding your breath for 2 seconds. Exhale slowly and through your nose or mouth completely emptying your lungs until you feel it in the bottom of your stomach. You need to do this until you are completely relaxed.
  • This will slow everything down and bring your breathing in line with the rhythm of your heart.
    Now imagine a ball of white healing energy coming into the bottom of your spine holding it there and letting it build up for 10 seconds. Feel the heat in this area and then let it travel up through your spine along each disc. Feel it pulling you together. This will balance and realign your energy in the present.
  • Clear your thoughts and empty your mind.

The Benefits of bringing up your Energy is to:

  • Clear your energy field.
  • Protect and strengthen your energy.
  • Heighten your awareness.
  • Heighten your intuition and sense of what is going on within and around you.
  • Heighten your emotions and thoughts. 

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