Control - Trust - Belief - Faith

"When you have your Control, Trust, Belief and Faith within yourself, you are a complete person"


When you are in control of your life you are able to influence the direction that it will take. Being in control means being responsible for the choices and decisions that you make, taking into account the effect they have on your life and the lives of those around you. It is easy to let other people make a decision for you and blame them if events don’t work out in your favour. In doing so you lose your sense of individuality and direction in life. Read more on Control»


When you look for an opinion from another person you are giving part of your trust to them because you are allowing their opinion to influence you. Only when you have your full trust within yourself can you make a correct decision. When you do this you are trusting your own intuition to make the right choice.


When you have your full belief within yourself you have complete clarity of who you are as a person. This brings out your true self and gives you great compassion and understanding for yourself and others in your life.


Your faith is your belief in who you are as a person. When you have full faith within yourself it allows you to have great clarity and direction in your life and it opens up doors of opportunity to flow freely through your energy.

The terms psychic, clairvoyant etc. are nothing more than different levels of awareness. There are of course those that have a natural ability in these areas but that is not to say that it is limited to them. Having clarity in your mind is essential to your level of awareness. We waste valuable time on thoughts that are unimportant, worrying about events in our past and creating expectations of our future that may or may not be fulfilled. For some people their thought pattern alone is sufficient to impact on their energy and their health.

From an energy point of view being aware means a “heightened sense of purpose and realization”. This is not to be confused with meditation however, as there are many different levels of energy. It takes time, patience, practice and proper tuition to reach an appropriate level of energy which, in turn will open your awareness.

© Bibliography - the four agreements Don Miguel Ruiz (1997)

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