Energy Awareness

energy awareness

Without Energy there is no life.


  • Look at yourself.
  • This means accepting and knowing who you are.
  • What’s real and what’s not real.
  • How do you see your personality traits?
  • Do you trust yourself and your intuition?
  • Look at your parents/family/work/school/social.
  • Look at your identity.


  • By being in the present, your energy is in the present. When your energy is not in the present you are not connected with the energy of the universe. By connecting to your energy you are connected to your awareness and universal energy.
  • We are all part of the one source, we come from different levels of the same source/universe.
  • When you connect with the source you will have full control, trust, belief and faith in yourself.
  • By having positive thoughts you will have greater clarity in your daily living and this helps connect with the source or universe on a higher level.
  • As you go through your life’s journey you will have the ability to create and change your future.
  • Your thoughts and intentions will be clearer and they will enable you to make decisions without changing your mind.


  • Know your energy - how you are thinking, how you are feeling, peace of mind.
  • Bring up your energy. By bringing your energy up, you protect it.
  • Protect your energy.
  • Become aware of blocked energy – know how to clear your energy.
  • Without energy there is no life
  • Your physical body, your emotional health and mental wellbeing is affected by your level of energy.

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Energy Awareness


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