First you need to do the relaxation and clear your thoughts from your whole day.  Take back your control, trust and come into the present.

You have two types of fear - healthy fear and unhealthy fear.

Healthy fear will alert your intuition and gut feeling in situations where you need to protect yourself from danger e.g. crossing the road, when driving too close to car in front of you.

Unhealthy fear will paralyze your will, by fear of commitment and destroy ways of looking at yourself and the world.  It will separate you from people, making you feel rejected and like you are losing control.  It is very important when looking at fear to learn to control your thoughts.  You will find ways of not looking at your fear by switching off.  When you are dealing with your fear the first thing that will come up will be your anxiety. This you will feel at the bottom of your stomach.  As you are bringing up your fear you will feel one or more of the following, all depending on the sensitivity of the individual:-

  • Breathing Problems
  • Blood Temperature
  • Heavy Stomach
  • Irritable Bowel
  • Chest and Shoulder pain, Stomach Pain and in some cases pains in other areas of the Body
  • Different Types of Fear - Phobias
  • Anxious and Out of Control
  • Irritable and Moody
  • Anger and Resentment
  • Negativity
  • Insecurity
  • No Focus, No Concentration, Doubts
  • Thoughts – Delusional, Out of Control, Distorted, Paranoid>
  • Paralyzes you from Moving on or Making the Changes in your Life


The biggest fear is taking the risk of looking at your life and expressing what you really feel.  Only when you no longer fear it, do you begin to live.

You gain strength, courage and confidence when you really stop and look at yourself as a person.  Only then can you come into your own and live life to the full in the present.

Don't be afraid of life but instead believe that life is worth living and this belief will help you to create your future

© Hazel Devine April 2017 – Fear V.1

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