You Know you are Floating When

  • Someone is talking to you, you only hear what you are comfortable with
  • You change the question half way through or you forget what you are saying
  • You are driving your car, you pass a town or a street and you have to stop and think where you are
  • You float off in your thoughts thinking of your past or your future, you are not in the present
  • You miss half the question and ask 'what did you say?'
  • You change the question to suit yourself or pick up the wrong meaning

When you float you

  • Can be very forgetful

  • Walk into things

  • Drop things

  • Get confused

  • Your listening abilities are not good

  • Disconnect from yourself

  • Your thoughts become delusional

  • Have no concentration

  • Have doubts

  • Your thoughts are distorted

  • Have no focus

  • Are anxious

  • Are insecure

  • Have created personalities to help you cope

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