Learning how to balance the body

learn how to balance the body

Learning how to balance the body

For this exercise divide your body in two, left and right.

  • Focus on the left side of your head
  • What sensations are you feeling?
  • Look for tension, tingling, pulling or dragging. Notice the level of stimulation, any numbness, pain or general discomfort
  • Now repeat for the right side
  • Compare and notice any differences between the two sides
  • Repeat the exercise for the rest of the body – shoulders, hands, neck to lower stomach, pelvis and legs
  • Now imagine a ball of clear white energy coming into the bottom of your spine, holding it there, letting it build up for 10-20 seconds, feeling the heat in this area, letting it travel up through your spine, along each disc feeling it pulling you together.

It takes time to get to know your body and you must take into account that you become accustomed to how you feel and accept it as being normal. This is rarely the case but you must not assume that there is something wrong either.

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