Looking at your Energy

looking at your energy

Looking at your Energy

When you bring up your energy you will go to your place of energy. Everyone has a different level of awareness based on their sensitivity. As you bring up your energy you bring in a white healing energy that travels up through your body. Not everybody will experience the sensation of heat or tingling in the body. This is because you have learnt to disconnect or switch off your emotions from your energy so your ability to feel will not be as high.

Thoughts affect you both physically and emotionally. Your negative thoughts can bring up your unhealthy fear and create personalities that are not real. We learn to think and over analyze the situation to help us cope. Positive thoughts are the result of trusting your first intuition and going with it without any self doubt.

This is also your soul’s learning its journey. This journey will present opportunities for you to have more control, trust, belief and faith in yourself. By keeping your energy high you will learn how to trust your intuition. You will find your own identity, who you are as a person which will enable you to be more aware of your higher self.

By having positive thoughts, you will have greater clarity in your daily living. As you go through your life's journey you will have the ability to create and change your future.

Your thoughts are energy will be clearer and they will enable you to make decisions without changing your mind.

You cannot clear what does not belong to you. Here is where you learn to separate.

  • You need to look at your own energy first.  If it belongs to you, you will have a better understanding and this will enable you to see and feel it more clearly.
  • When you are tired you must look within yourself to see who or what situation is draining your energy.
  • Sadness affects your upper chest, heart and throat.
  • Anxiety affects your stomach.
  • How you say, or do not say, what is on your mind causes throat difficulties.
  • Negativity affects the whole body.
  • Resentment can be experienced as pain in ribs, upper back, shoulders, neck and head.
  • Anger has an impact on your heart and whole body.
  • Emotions can affect circulation and muscle tone in the whole body. It will also have impact on the skeleton frame.
  • Headaches can be as a result of thought patterns.
  • Physical pain - stomach and back pain can be caused by anxiety and fear.
  • Physical pain is where the energy is blocked at a particular muscle which effects the circulation in the body.
  • Sexual Energy in women affects womb, ovaries, emotions and also blocks your intuition.
  • Sexual Energy in men affects prostrate, stomach, bowel and thoughts.
  • Fear affects your head, lower stomach and back.
  • Throat pain is caused because you are not expressing what you need to express.

It is about accepting yourself as a person not what other people expect you to be. This is about finding your identity.

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