panic attacks

All panic attacks are related to an underlying issue or phobia. They bring up extreme anxiety.  We go back into an anxiety in our past, which is heightened as a result of the present situation.  Various feelings or an accumulation of feelings, bring on the attack: Trauma, shock, denial, rage, terror or fear.  This causes an extreme tightness.  The heart races, causes palpations and puts pressure on the lungs.  Therefore we lack oxygen, causing the panic.


  • sickness
  • tightening of muscle in the stomach
  • contracting of the muscle stopping flow of blood into the chest
  • irritable bowel
  • breaking out in a rash or redness of upper chest and neck
  • affecting the throat and speech
  • tightness in the head, headaches
  • dizziness


  • Fear of moving on
  • Fear of rejection
  • A need to be accepted in society
  • Anger
  • Negativity
  • Rage
  • Resentment
  • Lack of Control
  • Fear
  • Medication
  • Family

Before a full blown panic attack you may notice a feeling of sickness or tightening of the muscle in the stomach. When the muscle contracts it stops the flow of blood into the chest, around the heart and into the lungs.

This can cause an irregular heart beat and as you get more distressed it heightens fear, anxiety and anger. The panic attack increases depending on the sensitivity of the person. Then the individual feels that they cannot get their breath and it becomes overwhelming.

With some people at times it can start with pressure on the head, causing tension or a problem with one or both ears and/or dizziness.

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