As children we create personalities to help us cope with situations or deal with emotions and feelings. Where a child tells lies this is a personality created to get them off the hook so they don’t have to take responsibility for their actions.

We develop different personalities for work, family and relationships. When we get into a relationship we adapt our personality to suit the other person so that they will like or be comfortable with us, but this is not our true self. We figure out their likes and dislikes and then we alter ourselves to fit in with who we think they would like us to be.

Example 1

When we get into a relationship we change who we are to fit in with our partner. Three months later we find it getting more difficult to keep that personality up and our partner begins to feel we are not the person they met 3 months earlier. They are correct; we are not the person they met because that person does not really exist. This was a personality formed to be accepted within the relationship because of our insecurity within ourselves. So the relationship is not going to work because we are not being our true self.

Example 2

When we get angry with another person and overreact this is because they have brought up an emotion that we have not dealt with in our past. This causes us to overreact in the present situation so we pull up a personality to create a front that is not our true self. It’s false and this causes confusion for the other person because they now don’t know what situation they are really looking at.

When we clear our past and become comfortable with who we are, we won’t need to use these personalities so we won’t feel the need to change our personality to suit work, partner, family or socially. We will just bring up our energy and be ourselves, our true selves. We will become more aware of how people around us, work colleagues, family and friends change their personality depending on who they are talking to or what situation they are in.


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