How to look at your Thoughts


  • Worry

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Pressure on the Head

  • Numbness in the Head

  • Headache, stiff Neck

  • Heavy Chest

  • Pressure down the Spine and Lower Back


  • Thinking of your past – your mind wandering back into your past

  • Being in the future – your thoughts are racing ahead of your time, this means you are not fully in the present

  • This causes your body to get tired and puts pressure on the head

  • Depending on your sensitivity, you will learn to disconnect your body from your thoughts

  • One way of doing this is that you float off in a world of your own and you are not in the present

  • When you do this your body and mind are not connecting

  • This causes confusion, because when you are not fully connected you don’t fully feel emotions, you only feel what you are familiar with

  • You learn to forget about that thought and lock it away in the back of your mind

  • This causes a build up of thoughts

  • In time when a stressful situation presents itself, this unlocks the old thoughts causing you to overreact to the present day situation

The way thoughts can affect you

  • You analyse the worrying thoughts

  • You can’t make a decision in your life

  • You have no focus

  • You have no concentration

  • You start things and don’t finish them

  • You lack motivation

  • Your listening abilities are low – you only hear what you want to hear

  • You are irritable

  • You are negative

  • You are anxious

  • You need to control

As you learn how to relax and look at your thoughts you will realise the effect they have on yourself and others around you. This will in time change your whole outlook on life.

It takes time to do this because you are a long time being a certain way, so you need to be patient with yourself.

When you do this exercise and learn how to look at your thoughts you will notice a big change in your outlook on life within 6 weeks

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