When you are born you have a nice, soft, flexible wall around your energy for protection. As you grow you find yourself in situations that you are unable to cope or deal with, you attach your emotions to the wall so it gets stronger and harder and becomes like a shield. It forms hooks and attaches to your energy.

For Example – if you get bullied or abused you switch off your emotions and attach them to the wall. The wall becomes more solid. You develop addictions such as medication, alcohol and drugs. It can cause headaches, pressure around the head, chest infections, difficulty in breathing, panic attacks, feelings of depression, suicidal thoughts can occur. You can develop phobias and you isolate yourself. This all strengthens the wall.

If you were to take away the wall all at once you physical body would not cope without it because it supports you physically, emotionally and mentally so you will have to break it down slowly by looking at your energy.

This will help to shift and soften the wall so it becomes flexible.

When you put up a wall it hooks onto your base holding you up physically, emotionally and mentally.

This you will learn to break down, take away slowly and build a solid foundation. The wall is formed by your different thoughts and personalities and becomes part of you.

Your structure is your control, trust, belief and faith in yourself.

When you look at the different emotions and clear them you replace it with white healing energy. You will miss the support and may feel that there is something wrong. You feel different because this is a feeling that you are not familiar with. Just settle in your new energy and know that this is ok. As you clear and move it will get lighter and lighter.

© Hazel Devine April 2017 – Wall October 2017 V.1

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